Harmonic Series 0

by Rafael Toral =



Since i have always been involved with the inner structures of sound, working with the harmonic series comes as a natural move, since harmonics are well known to guitarists. Thus, inspired by Fourier's theory, i chose to work with the most basic element of sound synthesis, the sinewave.

Harmonic Series is my first project using the computer as a musical instrument. Using with the computer is a development of my work with analog modular systems and it's part of an ongoing process, of changing my whole approach to both composition and performance. While doing so, i also take the opportunity to distance myself from some common approaches to computer music performance and production.

Rafael Toral
Lisboa, November 2003


released July 22, 2016

Rafael Toral: Computer generated sinewaves, custom software, guitar and analog electronics.

Table of the Elements LP, 2003
One-sided transparent vynil special edition (short version).



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Rafael Toral = Coja, Portugal

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